Peruse our abundant selection of magickal botanicals! We have over 200 dried roots, herbs, berries, flowers, resins, barks, salts, and seeds in our apothecary. They are sourced from all over the world from quality suppliers, and can be used in a variety of magickal and ritual applications. 

Recommended uses: creating your own incense, dressing spell candles, adding to spell jars/charm bags/dream pillows/poppets, infusing into oil, adding to bath salts, steeping in water for ritual floor/tool washes. These are just some ideas to get you started! 

Please note that we will not make recommendations on ways to use our botanicals for any type of ingestion. Please do your research on any herb you are planning on consuming, using topically, using around children or animals, or burning.

Some herbs are toxic and can be dangerous! Further, some herbs that are safe for the general population may be dangerous for people with certain conditions (pregnancy for example) or allergies. 

Our Selection

Our selection of botanicals, with their general magickal uses. Different cultures, traditions, and practices often have varying uses and beliefs surrounding different herbs. Here, provide the general/more well-known magickal uses for your convenience. If you want to learn more about herbs and how to use them, we have a fabulous selection of books with a lot of great information and opportunities for learning! Resins and salts are listed at the bottom.

*we strive to keep every herb in stock, but please keep in mind we may be sold out of or unable to get certain herbs at times. 

Agrimony- banishing, protection, sleep, dream work, harmony, gratitude.

Alfalfa-abundance, contentment, luck, pleasure, protection.

Alkanet- love, luck, prosperity, cleansing, protection.

Allspice- attraction, blessing, communication, compassion, determination, power, success, willpower.

Amaranth- invisibility, protection, healing, vitality, calling the dead.

Angelica- protection from negativity, healing, purification, exorcism.

Allspice- attraction, blessing, communication, compassion, determination, power, success, willpower.

Ashwaghanda-stable, harmonious relationships, healthy boundaries, compromise, compassion, balance and calm.

Balm of Gilead- love, protection, manifestation, healing.

Basil- attraction, love, wealth, protection, exorcism. 

Barberry- repel evil, bind enemies, courage, strength.

Bay Leaves- strength, psychic power, purification, healing, manifestation, wishes. 

Bee Pollen- healing, peace, attraction, purification, health, vitality, alchemy, exorcism, protection from negativity.

Bergamot- prosperity, clarity, balance, harmony, dream work, hex-breaking.

Betony- love, purification, protection, banishing.

Birch Bark- protection, exorcism, purification.

Bistort- psychic power, fertility.

Blackberry Leaf- lucid dreaming, Third-Eye activation, intuition, aphrodisiac.

Blessed Thistle- strength, healing, hex-breaking, protection.

Blueberry Leaf- protection, protection of property, strengthens aura.

Blue Butterfly Pea- love, sexuality, road-opening, protection, success, transformation.

Blue Lotus- lucid dreaming, Third-Eye activation, aphrodisiac, intuition. 

Bloodroot- love, protection, purification, vitality, courage, strength, release, substitute for real blood in spells.

Boneset- protection, exorcism.

Buckthorn- protection, purification, uncrossing, healing.

Buckwheat- money, protection.

Burdock Root- protection, purification, uncrossing, healing.

Calendula- sun energy, wealth, love, healing, strength.

Cardamom- love, lust, passion, desire, confidence.

Wild Carrot Seeds- lust, fertility.

Wild Carrot Flowers- diplomacy, beauty, grace, purity.

Cascara Sagrada- legal matters, money.

Sweet Calamus- luck, healing, money, protection.

Catnip- love, attraction, beauty, fertility, happiness, cat magick. 

Cat’s Claw Bark- lucid dreaming, shamanic journey, money, abundance. 

Cayenne- hex-breaking, love, increases magickal power, passion, psychic protection, strength, warding.

Cedar (Wood and Needles)- protection, preservation, prosperity, longevity, Yule.

Chamomile- attraction, purification, calming, dream work, money, love.

Cherry Bark- love, romance, sexual attraction.

Chickweed- consecration, love, lust, psychic power, healing.

Chicory- removing obstacles, invisibility, frugality, favour.

Chrysanthemum- protection, strength, passion, power, creativity, spirits. 

Cinnamon (Powder and Sticks)- love, lust, power, healing, protection, consecration.

Cinquefoil- attraction, prosperity, success, influence, wealth.

Clary Sage- clarity, communication, healing, lucid dreaming, divination. 

Red Clover Blossoms- hex-breaking, love, magickal powers, passion, psychic protection, strength, warding.

Cloves (Whole and Powder)- commanding, protection, exorcism, stop gossip, power, energize, luck.

Black Cohosh- love, energy, longevity, lust, money, protection, cord-cutting (romantic cords).

Coltsfoot- love, visions, divination, healing.

Comfrey-money, protection during travel.

Coriander- love-drawing, fidelity, healing, protection.

Cornflower- abundance, love, courtship, fertility, healing.

Cowslip- healing, youth, prosperity.

Dandelion (Leaf and Root)- wishes, calling spirits, divination, psychic vision, ancestors.

Damiana- aphrodisiac, lust, vitality, vision.

Deer’s Tongue- lust, psychic powers, love-drawing, sweet-talking, communication.

Devil’s Claw- banishing, attract or repel, confound enemies, find lost items, warding, purification. 

Devil’s Club- protection against witchcraft or evil intent, purification, healing, success, guardian spirits.

Devil’s Shoestring- hex-breaking, protection, power, luck, employment.

Dittany of Crete- astral projection, manifestations.

Dogwood- protection, wishes.

Yellow Dock- healing, fertility, money.

Dyer’s Broom- spiritual cleansing, ward off witches, home cleansing.

Echinacea- fertility, offering, protection, healing.

Elderberry- exorcism, protection, healing, prosperity, sleep, witches and faeries.

Elderflower- protection, healing, prosperity, sleep, new moon, death and rebirth, witches and faeries.

Elecampane- love, protection, psychic power, clarity.

Eucalyptus- protection, healing, raise vibrations, repel evil.

Everlasting Flower- longevity, psychic power, healing.

Eyebright- mental power, psychic power, clarity, truth-seeing.

Feverfew- protection, purification, healing.

Fennel- protection, healing, purification, uncrossing, communication.

Fir Needles- abundance, prosperity, protection, rebirth, shadow work, purification.

Fumitory- consecration, purification, exorcism, money.

Galangal- money, lust, hex-breaking, healing, protection, psychic power.

Gardenia- love, peace, spirituality.

Gentian- love and attraction.

Geranium- protection, boost confidence, aura cleansing. 

Ginger Root- love, money, success, power, passion, healing, speeding things up. 

Ginko- love-drawing, healing, divination, ancestral work.

Gravel Root- money, employment. 

Goldenrod- divination, money.

Golden Seal- attraction, healing, money.

Hawthorn Berries and Leaves- fertility, chastity, happiness, faerie magick.

Heather- summoning spirits, opening portals to faerie realm, good luck, admiration.

Hibiscus- love, lust, passion, divination.

High John Root- love, money, success, happiness, luck, gambling.

Holly- protection, love, dream magick.

Hops- sleep, dreams, healing. 

Horehound- protection, exorcism, banishing, mental power, healing.

Horsetail- fertility, snake-charming, strengthen resolve, define boundaries.

Horse Chestnut- money, prosperity, wealth, healing, attraction.

Honeysuckle- love-drawing, attraction, money, protection. 

Hyssop- purification, healing. 

Irish Moss- money, luck, protection.

Jasmine-love, money, prophetic dreams, charging crystals.

Job’s Tears- healing, wishes, lust, employment, success.

Knotgrass- protection, banishing, purification.

Juniper Berries- protection, purification, healing, psychic power.

Juniper Needles- protection, grounding, purification, psychic power.

Lady’s Mantle- beauty, attraction, glamour-magick, love, healing, spiritual alchemy.

Lavender- peace, love, happiness, protection, sleep, dreams, purity.

Lemongrass- psychic power, lust, repel snakes.

Linden-protection, immortality, luck, love, tranquility, sleep.

Liquorice Sticks/Pieces- lust, love, fertility, funerary rites, spirits.

Lemon Balm- cleansing, love, attraction. 

Lemon Peel- cleansing, purification, longevity, love, friendship.

Lemon Verbena- cleansing, purification, love.

Lily of the Valley- mental powers, happiness, harmony, peace.

Lotus (Leaves and Roots)- protection , consecration, lock-opening, lucid dreaming.

Lovage Leaf- love, passion, romance, attraction.

Lovage Root- love, healing, attraction.

Lucky Hand- luck, employment, money, protection, travel.

Pot Marigold- prophetic dreams, psychic power, legal matters, protection.

Marvel of Peru- love, vitality, communication.

Mace- mental and psychic powers.

Marjoram- love, money, happiness, health, protection. 

Black Malva- peace, spiritual healing, love.

Marshmallow Root- purification, spiritual healing. 

Meadowsweet- love, divination, peace, joy, luck, gambling, get a job or raise, favour with authorities. 

Milk Thistle- decision making, problem-solving, wisdom, perseverance, strength. 

Mimosa- prophetic dreams, love, protection, purification.

Mistletoe- protection, love, fertility, exorcism, health.

Mugwort- psychic power, prophetic dreams, astral projection, healing, protection.

Black Mustard Seed- luck regarding legal matters, keep law away, confuse enemies.

Motherwort- confidence, blessings, counter-magick, protection.

Mullein- courage, protection, health, love, divination, exorcism.

Myrtle- fertility, love, money, peace, youth, water magick.

Neem- protection, purification, offerings.

Nettle- exorcism, protection, healing, purification, lust.

Nutmeg- fidelity, luck, money, health. 

White Oak- spiritual purity, wisdom, remove hex, endurance, strength.

Oakmoss- money magick, luck, healing.

Oat Straw- money, prosperity, health, energy, vitality.

Old Man’s Beard- health, longevity, love-drawing, revenge, justice.

Orris Root- love drawing, divination, protection from evil spirits.

Orange Peel- positive energy, health, vitality, optimism, love, divination.

Olive Leaf- health and healing, peace, fertility, potency, protection, lust.

Orange Blossom- love, luck, money, new beginnings, spiritual grounding.

Pansy- rain magick, love, attraction, beauty, divination.

Passion Flower- peace, friendship, sleep, love, attraction. 

Peony Flower- happy marriage, prosperity, protection, spring, love, beauty.

Peony Root

Palo Santo- purification, cleansing, ritual rites, sanctifying.

Patchouli- money, fertility, lust, attraction, sexuality, creativity, grounding.

White Peppercorn- courage, remove obstacles, repellant, manifestation.

Black Peppercorn- banishing, exorcism, protection, protection against evil eye, courage, inner strength.

Peppermint- psychic power, purification, clarity, banish, love, energy, sleep, vision.

Pine Needles and Wood- healing, forgiveness, longevity, endurance, exorcism, money, fertility, protection.

Poppyseeds- love, luck, money, wealth- drawing, sleep, fertility, invisibility, dark moon, delays court proceedings.

Poppy Flowers- prosperity and abundance, fertility, love, luck, visions, sleep.

Pot Marigold- prophetic dreams, psychic power, legal matters, protection.

Raspberry Leaves- fertility, love, motherhood, protection, fidelity, happy home.

Rose Hips- love, lust, fertility, healing, protection.

Rose Petals-love, healing, psychic power, divination, luck, protection.

Rosemary- protection, purification, mental power, exorcism, love, lust, healing.

Rowan Berries-protection, healing, psychic power, success.

Quassia- power and control in love and money, love-drawing, prosperity. 

Rue- reverse evil eye, exorcism, cleansing, healing, health, mental power, love.

Sage- protection, longevity, wisdom, grounding, immortality.

Sandalwood (Red)- protection, purification, prosperity, peace, attract new love.

Sarsaparilla- money-drawing, love-drawing, lust, health.

Sassafras- money, success, luck, health, vitality.

Star Anise- warding off evil, psychic power, luck, wealth.

Shepherd’s Purse- prosperity, healing, protection from wounds.

Skullcap- love, fidelity, peace, relaxation.

Slippery Elm-protection from gossip and slander.

Soapwort- cleansing.

Solomon’s Seal- wisdom, healing, exorcism, protection.

Spearmint- healing, love, mental power, clarity, ward off negativity.

Speedwell- protection, healing, courage. Some believes it can bring bad luck.

St. John’s Wort- health, protection, strength, love, divination, happiness.

Sweet Gale- lucid dreaming and astral work.

Tansy- health and longevity.

Thyme Leaf and Powder- healing, psychic power, love, purification, courage.

Trillium Root- love, money, luck.

Tonka Bean- love, luck, success, money, courage.

Valerian- love, sleep, protection, purification.

Vetivert- love, attraction, lust, uncrossing, grounding. 

Violet- love, healing, faerie magick, offerings.

Wintergreen- protection, healing, hex-breaking.

Vervain- love, protection, peace, purification.

White Willow Bark- love, healing, protection.

Wormwood- protection, cleansing, psychic power, astral travel, calling spirits.

Witch Hazel- protection, healing, chastity, hex-breaking, cooling the emotions.

Black Walnut- cleansing, power, jinxing.

Woodruff- victory, protection. 

Yarrow- love, courage, psychic power, healing, exorcism.

Yerba Santa- beauty, healing, psychic powers, protection.


Acacia Gum- blessings, death, dream work, wisdom, inspiration, purification, spirituality, protection.

Benzoin- blessings, prosperity, luck, personal power, love, platonic love, protection, communication with the dead.

Camphor- purification, protection, power, knowledge, strength, divination, shedding the ego.

Copal (Black)- calming, clearing, consecration, offerings, meditation, release, clarity, protection.

Dragon’s Blood- determination, willpower, energy, power, amplification, attraction, luck, lust, success, reversal, security.

Frankincense- purification, protection, psychic work, harmony, comfort, transformation, sanctifying, rebirth.

Honey Amber- love, luck, success, fertility, balancing, protection, spirituality, cleansing. 

Mastic Gum- clarity, uplifting, solar energy, youthfulness, concentration, ceremonial magick.

Myrrh- consecration, manifestation, rebirth, spirituality, healing, protection, grounding, focus, abundance, banishing.

Patchouli- attraction, desire, love, lust, money, success, fertility, grounding, knowledge, community.

Sandalwood- love, luck, manifestation, creativity, grounding, awareness, power, protection, balance.

Tragacanth Gum- male libido, subconscious transformation, binder/thickener for incense.


Andean Salt- protection, banishing, purification, consecration, clearing.

Black Salt- protection, banishing, purification.

Dead Sea Salt- protection, banishing, purification, consecration, clearing.

Pink Himalayan Salt- love, road-opening, purification, cleansing, protection, healing.